A Friendly Galungan Conversation


Hello Yudi :)! How are you?
I am writing you from the heart of Ubud! I am with my parents and since we arrived on Bali we really enjoy our time here 🙂
Bali Barat was amazing and yesterday we did TanahLot. Today we go to Tritemple with motorbike in order to visit the countryside and other place (GoaGoja..)
Unfortunately not time for Batur or Besaki :/ buy we will come back ^^
People are so nice agin and also so beautiful !
Indeed we understood that there was a big ceremony two days ago and for one week..
May I ask you what this ceremony is? What is the purpose and what people do?
And can you enjoy this ceremony in Jakarta?

Our only regret here is to have a guide always with to explain us each temple and each status and each way how people behave ^^ this is so completely new world for us and really magical 🙂

Hope you’re fine Yudi!

A la prochaine ( you were right ?)!



Hi Sophie!!! I was exhausted, I was a little bit busy for the last few days. I had been joining a training outside the office, and had to come back to the office at the afternoon, to join the class. However now I’m super great, especially after reading your message. Oh My God that was a really really great compliment. Really really love to hear that. I’m always happy to share the beauty of Bali, not just because it’s my homeland, but also because I believe it’s present might help many people around the world, from deferent background, to release their stress and be happier. it’s not about my ego as a Balinese but more about sharing a good thing for others. As you have might also understood, most illness now experienced by the world is psychologic, caused by unhappy mind, stress, fear and anxiety. That is also the meaning of all ceremony in Bali, including Galungan(last Wednesday) , the one that you mentioned above. It’s common meaning is about celebrating the victory of Goodness against Badness. And people will be celebrating it up until 10 days, ended in Kuningan day in the next Saturday(next weekend). So you in the right time now being in Bali. You will find a lot of magical stuff along the way, like Ngelawang where people dace the Barong(like barong sai in China) around the village as the symbol of Goodness . And also you will also be welcomed with Penjor, a beautiful coconut leaf decoration which you will find across the road there. You may say it as a our Christmas Tree 😀



In Bali actually people believe that this winning will not be last forever, because the world would not be turning if there were no Badness present, heaven would not be existing without hell, every duality need a comparation to be exist and valuable. Therefore Balinese prefer balance in every aspect of their life. It’s symbolized with a black and white color which you will find alot a cross Bali, something like Yin Yang symbol and philosophy. Therefore this winning is actually the winning against our ego which has been causing alot of psychological troubles in life and the world. And we believe a colorful and fun celebration is one way we get rid of all mess in our head. That is why, that’s the holiday which I always waited when I was a child, a super cool and colourful day. We went around the village to pray, to the temples, especially Tri Murti temples as the place we worship the 3 main aspects of whole Existence. Creation Symbolize as Brahma which is worshipped in Desa temple, then Visnu which is the symbol of preserver of the continuity of Existence, which is worshipped in Puseh temple, and Dalem temple as the place to worship Shiva as the symbol of the destroyer aspect of Existence. And as you might see also, that these evens have been being cycled again and again. That is also have a meaning that those evens, Creation, Preserverance and Devastation, are in the eternal cycle without start and end, outwardly and also inwardly 🙂

Then we also went to several temples, mostly a family temple to express our respect to our ancestors as our “source” of physical body and psychological body like knowledge etc. which have made us been able to walk our life properly. And then we also dress traditionally along the day, just like the one which I was wear in Gunung Salak last time we went there, but hopefully you don’t have the same unpleasant experience as we had in Gunung salak regarding the people :(. I really couldn’t believe that a Balinese people, especially those who should have a wider understanding and experience outside, has that kind of attitude toward people which has so much respect in their culture. But anyway every society has an exception right ? 😀 Akhh I really miss Bali at this moment. However I have not been able to celebrate it again every time it comes, since I moved to java, except I take a leave . It’s not a national holiday, because this holiday is twice in a year and not using the sun calendar like the guardian calendar, but the moon calendar, so we have a different calculation every six month, can not be determined using common calendar.

That’s all I could say about Bali and a little bit about Galungan holiday. I hope you enjoy the magic of Bali especially in the Galungan and Kuningan day. Can’t not wait your story next time we meet again. About guide for the next visit I can be your guide hahaha I will might be able to share many things, and you might also stay in my house and enjoy the day to day life in Bali. Just tell me long before the trip so I can prepare my leave and we might also celebrating Galungan again in Bali together. Profitez de voyage et d’avoir du plaisir dans ma patrie (again this is google translate hahahah, I hope it’s spelled correctly)

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