The 4 Paths


Some people are not be able to see their greatness within, they require  a quality projection images as a father, mother, friend, even their child as divine motivation and as a trigger to blow out the true nature of them self…. Love.

Devotion is the way.


Some people see oneness in all being, even divine being no different. Helping others  is helping them self. There is no time for their little ego, they break it down and rejoin to the greater good.

Selfless Services is the way.


Some people see divine projection is nonsense and experienced all actions only bring them more suffering. There is no place for Gods and Goddesses. And try to hit the jackpot by sharpen their knowledge,intuition and turn their head on, in order to understand the reality and rejoin to It.

Philosophical Wisdom is the way.


Some people see all actions both physical and mind activities only bring them conflict externally and internally. They try to fall them back peacefully to the Source of those mind and its cognitive power within.

Contemplation is the way.


And for all of those people reconciliation is the way

We were born and grow in many different character and environment, why we have to push it to be the same  ?  where is the space for freedom and creativity? How many people have to die again and again in struggling on it? Why we have to kill each other for heaven?

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